Welcome to 3AM FILMS.

We are the next generation story-telling machine. We are united by our desire to entertain and our love for production. Each member of our team brings a unique voice to the creative process. Even with a quarter-century’s worth of movie production experience, we continue to hone our craft in order to provide quality productions. We are perfecting the art of shooting a feature film in a week. Crazy, right? Our goals are lofty. But…


We ain’t scurred.


No creative compromise. One week, one movie. Like a chef, it’s all about the preparation. We write, storyboard, block, and rehearse until there’s no more time in the day. Then? Showtime. The pieces of the puzzle slowly reveal themselves. And when wrap is called at 3AM? The party is just getting started.


We have stories…a lot of stories we want to tell. So, stay close. You’ll want to see this.