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Common Production Problems | 3am Films

Common Production Problems


In the world of Public Relations one tactic that stands out is the almighty blog. In order to build your brand, push your movie, and build an audience the recommendation is blog, blog, and blog. Now the question becomes what to blog about? Here’s a topic: how to produce a small budget feature length movie. Ok, one thought is to keep the number of locations to a minimum. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-art-of-scheduling-a-film.html.

Or how about getting the best actors possible http://www.raindance.org/10-zero-budget-filmmaking-tips/.

Maybe just blog about the broader topic: low budget movie making considerations:


Hopefully you get my point. There is already an enormous amount of readily available content on how to make low budget movies. A simple google search will put you in touch with the best and the worst in advice on how to make a low budget movie.

So that brings me back to my dilemma: what should I blog about? PR professionals say a blog should be 50% of what the writer wants to discuss and 50% of what the readers want to read. Sound advice but kind of vague. In talking with longtime collaborator and good friend Charles Stanley he pointed out I should write about our past movies and how they led up to our newest release Veda. We do have some funny stories but who doesn’t? “No,” Charles responds, “talk about how the movies build on each other.”

I get it. This blog will discuss the common production problems that follow us from one movie to the next. And hopefully by now we have conquered, overcome or embraced them.