Beaches, Buns and Bikinis


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In this epic tale set in an industrial wasteland, the sights and sounds of music and metal heads moshing beach side emanate as CRAB SHACK SAMMIE, self-proclaimed king of the beach, announces it to be another perfect day.  Crab Shack Sammie gets one of his employees to wear a new hot dog costume to help promote his hot dog stand.  He knows the hot dog is a beachin’ good luck charm whose presence will bring love and posterity to the beach.  Arriving late to the beach party, CASPAR discovers he has lost his one true love, RUBY, to his nemesis LITTLE BIG MIKE.  An unknown thief steals the magical hot dog suit resulting in bad luck descending on the beach.  Afflicted by this bad luck, Caspar realizes he must act quickly to get his girl back and recover the hotdog suit so good fortune will return to the beach.